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Welcome to

The Justice Beat
Talk Show

SEASON 7- Kick-off 2024

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Host L. Elaine Sutton Mbionwu
  Saturdays 10-11 AM CST
  Airing on FB Live,             
  HOT 365 Radio


   Are you a family member/friend of an incarcerated love one?  Do you   find yourself unsure of how to address matters specific to the health     and well-being of their current situation?  If yes, then you will find The   Justice Beat Talk Show as a reliable source for relevant and time       information.

  The mission of The Justice Beat Talk Show is to inform, equip, and         empower families, touched by incarceration, with guidance on how to   advocate boldly and confidently on behalf of a family member that is     incarcerated.

  What makes the Justice Beat Talk Show unique is our focus on YOU   and YOURS ability to ensure your loved one’s health and well-being are   properly addressed during their incarceration.

  Our primary goal of The Justice Beat Talk Show is to provide our   audience with a clear understanding about the rights of incarcerated   as well as the responsibilities of those charged with overseeing the   operations and administration of jails and prisons.

   The Justice Beat Talk Show DOES NOT provide legal advice or legal     services.

  Show topics focus on conditions of confinement matters such as,

  •  Accommodations for individuals with disabilities

  •  Access to medical care and treatment

  •  Requesting medical records

  •  Incarceration and pregnancy 

  •  Sexual assault

  • Internal grievance processes and more...

  Get your questions ready. Grab a snack and drink and let's talk smart   about our Vision for Justice in 2021.​

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