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JustUs Youth Talk Show

To inform, educate and empower individuals & loved ones with tools in Juvenile Justice system.

 Hosted by Karla Sutton McKinney

Co Hosted by Karen D. Sutton

Airing on Facebook Live

Season 1 Speakers


Roderick “Rudy” Bankston

Founder and President of i am We Global Village

E1 Restorative Justice Practices (In Relation to the JJ System)

Roderick “Rudy” Bankston is a committed educator, entrepreneur, Restorative Justice practitioner, and author. His powerful story describes his experience as a survivor of the school-to-prison pipeline and surfaces and explores intersecting themes of identity, equity, justice, trauma and resiliency. Wrongly convicted and sentenced to life at 19 years old, Rudy spent 20 years in prison before winning back his freedom on appeal.

After his release from prison in 2015, Rudy began working for the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD); first serving as a Community Liaison at Memorial High School. He added a second position guiding students’ learning and growth within ‘Restore’, the district’s expulsion abeyance program. The following school year, he transitioned into a Central Office position as a Restorative Justice Coach to support engagement of Restorative Justice across all levels of the organization. Since leaving MMSD, Rudy continues his work engaging Restorative Justice as a founding member of Small Fire, LLC. , founder of i Am We Classics and i Am We Coaching & Mentoring, LLC. Most recently, Rudy founded, i am We Global Village, to deepen the work of creating spaces of healing for individuals and communities as they adopt, center, and practice restorative values.

Rudy has served as an adjunct professor at Edgewood College and currently is a consultant with the National Equity Project, serves on the board for the National Association of Community and Restorative Justice (NACRI), and is a member of the Black Educators Network.

Rudy’s published works include a novel, Shed So Many Tears; two collections of Haiku, Snippets of Soul in Seventeen Syllables and Snippets of Soul, Too; and a book of poetry, Buried Alive.


Monika Reklyte

Licensed Professional Counselor

E3 Juveniles and Parental Displacement

Monika is a licensed clinical professional counselor who believes that embracing change is what helps people to be and feel free. Monika is passionate about working with individuals, immigrants, young adults and adults as well as women from any race that may be struggling with body image, societal oppression and discrimination. She also enjoys helping people acculturate as they might be transitioning from collectivist culture to individualist and vice versa.

Bio From: Psychosomatica


Gail D. Mumford

Senior Associate for the Juvenile Justice Strategy Group

E4 Alternative Facilities to the Juvenile Justice System

As a senior associate in the Juvenile Justice Strategy Group, Gail D. Mumford manages the expansion and replication of Casey’s Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative. She joined Casey in 2006 and has been instrumental in expanding the initiative to 22 additional states. Today, the initiative is in 250 sites in 39 states across the country.

Before joining the Foundation, Mumford was one of the original architects of the Missouri Model of youth corrections. Her work there helped to transform the Missouri Division of Youth Services into what is today considered a model corrections agency.

Bio From: The Annie E. Casey Foundation


Dale Robinson

Owner and Founder of Guru Fitness

E2 Life After Juvi

Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker, Dale Robinson has utilized his adversity to impact lives across the country.

After serving 10 years in federal prison, Dale has paved his own road of redemption. While incarcerated Dale found his passion for fitness. It was then, in the prison yard, that Dale’s ability to connect was revealed to him as he led a group of 40 men in a group workout. Dale knew that the impact he could have on the world would be tremendous.

Once home Dale faced the adversity of “checking the box” and struggled financially to provide for his family. He had a vision that he created in prison and knew that it was time to chase it.

It was not without trials that Dale reached success with his gym, G.U.R.U. Fitness. From his garage to his own location to now a franchise with multiple locations Dale’s dedication began to pay off.

Dale is one of the founders of The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation and is dedicated to serving the youth that has been impacted by incarceration. Dale and his wife Taylor live in Lexington, KY with their daughter Eliza. Dale spends time traveling to watch his youngest son play in the NFL while his eldest son follows his passions working in the field of criminal justice. Outside of spending time with his family, you can find Dale in the gym or serving in some capacity.

Bio From:


Brooke Wine

Licensed Professional Counselor

E3 Juveniles and Parental Displacement

Brooke is a Licensed Professional Counselor who graduated from Adler University with her Master of Arts in Counseling with a specialization in Forensic Counseling. She is dedicated to helping clients that deal with the ups and downs of life and provides continued support and encouragement as they work through their mental health journey.

Coming from a forensic background, Brooke has experience working in intense areas of need and support. Brooke’s professional areas of focus are in sexual health and wellness, kink, ethical non-monogamy, anxiety, depression, mood regulation, and life transitions. She enjoys integrating humor into therapy to break up some of the heaviness that emotional processing can bring along. Brooke is also passionate about working within the LGBTQIA+ community and fostering a safe and welcoming space for all clients.

In her free time, Brooke enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and two furry children. She also enjoys watching horror/thriller movies and spending time in the city.

Bio From: Naperville Counseling Center

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