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 The Justice Beat Talk Show

Our Purpose

The Justice Beat Talk Show - Legal Hour is produced by L. Elaine Sutton Mbionwu, host of The Justice Beat Talk Show and facilitated/moderated by Retired Judge William "Billy" Murphy. The purpose of our Legal Hour segments is to provide our listening audience with advocacy strategies, litigation strategies, and/or next steps for tackling social justice reform issues. 

     Retired Judge Murphy is a senior and founding partner at Murphy, Falcon, & Murphy law firm. He has been a Baltimore trial attorney for decades, aggressively and effectively handling a broad range of cases including criminal defense, medical malpractice, personal injury, and more. Judge Murphy has a 90% success rate in federal cases, which is four times higher than the national average (9%). His 40+ years in the courtroom have equipped Murphy to advocate for clients from all walks of life. 

Legal hour


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