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Meet Summer Cohort 5: Pre-production Planning Team

Welcome Justice Beat Supporters!!!

Here you will meet our Season 4 Summer Cohort 5 Pre-production team. We can't deny these past couple of years have really thrown us all for a loop. Fortunately, we have the option to operate remotely which opens up opportunities to reach more people across the world. Naturally, each individual's empowering perspective, views, and experiences bring a special glow to this season's content. With the collaboration of our Webmasters and Production team members, they will be bringing you episodes, new web content, and more. Without further delay we introduce to you the individuals helping us further inform, equip, and empower families and individuals, who are touched by incarceration!


Hello, my name is Ana Tressel. I’m a senior Television, Radio major at Ithaca College in the Park School of Communications with a minor in writing. I’m from Montclair, New Jersey and I’m the Senior Associate Producer for JBTS! I love film, photography, music, and I just published my own website In the fall, I’ll be participating in the Ithaca College, Los Angeles Program to study and interning in California! After graduation in the spring I hope to find work in showbiz/entertainment!


My name is Jo-Michelle Huczko, but most people just call me JoJo. I am a student studying International Relations at Carnegie Mellon University.

I have way too many aspirations to accomplish in a lifetime. Some of my biggest ones are becoming a professional pole vaulter and going to law school.

I am a Jr. Associate Producer and Research Assistant for The Justice Beat Talk Show. Generally, I help research future episode topics and find people to interview for those episodes. I have two siblings and suffer from an incurable case of middle child syndrome. - Before the pandemic, I used to help build set pieces for local theatrical productions.


My name is Sam Zachar, and I am a Women’s and Gender Studies major at Hamilton College. I will be graduating at the end of 2021, and hope to pursue a career in podcast production. I am especially passionate about mental health and suicide prevention, so I would love to work on a podcast focused on those topics. I am currently an Associate Producer at The Justice Beat Talk Show. I have been researching and booking guests for the upcoming season of the show. At college, I am the co-president of the mental health advocacy group and the music director of Tumbling After, an All-women’s and Non-binary Acappella group.


My name is Alisha Bolin. I am a recent graduate of the BC Skills Web Development Bootcamp in Kentucky. I am working on the Webmaster Team for The Justice Beat Talk Show as the team lead. As a single mom of 2, in the process of a career change, I am grateful for this opportunity. I have worked in social services and the restaurant industry for several years; it was actually by way of the recent pandemic that I was introduced to web development and computer coding, but I am ever so thankful! I had been searching for a career that I not only enjoyed, but one where I could be a part of social change. I found that new passion in computer coding and I am eager to see where it takes me! I know big things are coming! And I am so excited to be able to participate in this internship, not just for the experience and leadership, but also to help increase the digital presence of the show and help grow the audience. I hope to take the knowledge and experience gained from this internship as I move through the tech field in web development and coding.


My name is Stephanie Miller, I’m 33 years old, and I’m from Russell County, KY! My dreams and aspirations in life consists of not only being the best mother I can be, but becoming the very best Individual I can be as well! I also want to be able to help make a change in this world, and to continue growing as a successful Web Developer! As my role as Webmaster, on the Show’s production team; I’m excited and eager to learn! As a single mother, to 2 beautiful children, I am a very family oriented person; who values and cherishes family time! I enjoy learning, spending time with my family and friends, and making the best out of life!


Hey, I’m Zenobia. I am currently doing my law degree at UWC in South Africa. I am passionate about increasing access to justice, women empowerment and giving back to the community. I am really grateful to be joining the Justice Beat team for the summer! My role is as an associate producer for the Legal Hour Show. Some facts about me include that at university I am actively involved in programs aimed at making law more accessible, with a focus on educating children on their rights. I also participate in an after-school program serving as a sports coach to grade 4-12 learners at an all-girls school. Sports are one of my passions and I am an active lifeguard and competitive national athlete.


Hello, I'm Isabella Fiacco a senior at Colgate University studying Theater and English with a Creative Writing focus. My role on the show is Associate Producer for the upcoming season 4 of The Justice Beat Talk Show. I am so glad that I have been given this opportunity to learn more about the specific issues and advocacy efforts surrounding incarceration and can assist a show with such an important mission. On campus, I am the musical director of an a capella group, and I am on my school’s club Curling team.


Hey Hey, My name is Danielle Logan. I am a Culinary graduate and just finished a Cohort for Web Development. My position on the show is working on the Webmaster team. I work on multiple things such as, website design, email blast, etc. I'm excited to be a part of a team whose main focus is to educate and support others, not only in law, but so many other important topics as well. An interesting fact about me is I'm a self taught musician, and I play 6 different instruments.

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